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About Dr. Siffert

Dr. Siffert is a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist who works under the supervision of Dr. Beard and primarily sees patients on Saturdays, as well as will be scheduling additional hours for online sessions during the COVID-19 epidemic.  Dr. Siffert is well trained in both Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) techniques and has worked in Dr. Beard's office since 2014. 

He has extensive experience treating complex and challenging mental health problems, including acute anxiety and depression, which he gained from his training at the VA and Ben Taub.  Dr. Siffert completed his internship at the University of Houston Counseling Center, where he spent time helping students to better manage anxiety related to academics and develop enhanced study skills.  He enjoys working with patients ranging from adolescence to older adulthood, as well as devotes time to working with couples and individuals who want to enhance their relationship and communication skills.


Dr. Siffert is a Provisionally Licensed Psychologist in Texas (#36537) and information of about the practice of psychology in Texas can

                                                                          be obtained at www.tsbep.texas.gov.